Baltimore Convention Hall

Our decision to become involved in trade activities came shortly after leaders from the Republic of Lithuania and other Baltic nations met with the President of the United States in April 2018 to discuss increasing bilateral trade. We incorporated the Lithuanian Trade Council three months later.  

We then established the Lithuanian Trade Council as an official organization of the Lithuanian Hall, our current headquarters. From there, we made it our strategic goal to raise Lithuanian exports to the United States by focusing on two key initiatives: (1) develop sales-driven programs to assist Lithuanian suppliers to export goods to chain retailers, agricultural and industrial markets within a business-to-business environment and; (2) build a commercial web platform, the Lithuanian Marketplace for export promotion to enable Lithuanian manufacturers to showcase their goods around the world.   

The Lithuanian Trade Council is also promoting products on the Nation Marketplace.  Similar to the way was built to showcase goods from China and for India, The Nation Marketplace is being created in partnership with the Lithuanian Trade Council to feature an unlimited number of products from Lithuania.