Dear Friends,

The Lithuanian Trade Council was founded by a dream to do something good for the Republic of Lithuania.  The land where my great grandparents and ancestors farmed potatoes and raised their families in the rural town of Vabalninkas.  As Lithuania fell onto hard times, my family immigrated during the turn of the 20th century to build a new life in America.  Today, I am proud to be an American-Lithuanian.

Since July 2018, we have devoted our resources to build the Lithuanian Trade Council with the mission to expand exports to the United States and globally.  Through this process, we have made many friends along the way..

In 2019, we launched the Lithuanian Marketplace which is a Free business-to-business trading destination for all Lithuanian companies.  Similar to the way Alibaba was created to showcase Chinese made products for China and India Mart for India, the Lithuanian Marketplace is designed to exclusively promote products made in Lithuania.

Working as volunteers, our mission is to promote Lithuania, increase exports and create jobs and prosperity for the people of Lithuania.  We welcome all companies to join our online community.

Thank you for the support.

Best Regards,

Bernard Gagnon
Founder & CEO