The Lithuanian Trade Council has established buyers ready to purchase your products this 2021 planting season. We are planning to sell corn, soybeans, caraway seeds and fresh foods to supply our customers for both U.S. as well as global consumption including animal feeds.  If your company is a major Lithuanian producer of Ag products, please contact us immediately.

The Lithuanian Marketplace is designed to help farmers sell their goods to commercial buyers. Farmers can sign up to promote any crop, upload a few photos of the product, provide a description as to the quality of the crop and specifications along with the cost per ton and minimum quantity. Buyers searching for your crop and other agricultural commodities will have the ability to contact you through the “Contact Supplier” to place an order or request a bid quotation which may include transportation. The Lithuanian Marketplace will also enable producers to create their own branded store which could include other products like grain, potatoes or animal feeds.

Commercial Products

The Lithuanian Trade Council is focused on promoting Lithuanian manufacturers to their specialty industries. Our aim is to sell full containers of product on a weekly basis including: lumber, plastics, raw materials, chemicals, high-tech energy solutions, heavy machinery, construction building supplies as well as automotive and industrial items. We have clients who have established the Lithuanian Trade Council as their U.S. representative to facilitate new business on their behalf.

Consumer Products

The Lithuanian Trade Council is helping to partner Lithuanian companies with U.S. retailers. We have developed a sales model that facilitates product sales to chain grocery stores for companies who produce consumable food products from packaged dairy to canned goods. The same applies to manufacturers of bedding textiles, apparel, leather goods and the full realm of what Lithuanian suppliers have to offer. As your business becomes established in the U.S. through steady sales,  we can also assist with expertise in managing store returns, product warranty management, spare parts delivery and customer service.

Sell Services

The Lithuanian Trade Council is promoting various Lithuanian services to the United States including: IT consulting, web design services, marketing and graphics design, printing of brochures and publications, shipping and logistics and tax accounting services. The Lithuanian Trade Council is ready to help you find new customers in America. By using Zoom and other communication services, the ability to communicate across the Atlantic Ocean and conduct business is easier than ever. Take advantage of the Lithuanian Marketplace to post your services online. There is no cost to get listed as a service provider.

Sell to US Government

The Lithuanian Trade Council is taking the lead to help Lithuanian companies sell their products to the United States Government. The U.S. military and all federal agencies provide their procurement personnel around the globe with government-issued credit cards and purchasing power. Websites like and are just a few places where millions of products are sold (if you can’t access the site from Lithuania-Google it)., the agency that provides natural disaster relief, issues bottled water, blankets and government-issued food products by the container load. These sites provide access to janitorial supplies, paper products, hand tools, office supplies and office furniture through the GSA Catalog.